Sunday, 8 December 2013


Lots of things have changed since I have been away from the airwaves

Since I  have been back doing all things radio I have not bothered to have any QSL cards printed.
This is due mainly to the wonder that is EQSL.

With postage going up every five mins and the cost of having cards printed, this is a great way to send cards all over the world and save money too.

The cards can appear in your in box very quickly after a QSO and can be printed if you wish to have a hard copy. For me, I copy the cards to my computer and store the images in a dedicated folder in Pictures, and on a separate USB stick.

The account is free but a small donation is appriciated. This donation also gives you increased options with QSL design etc.

I have noticed that there are quite a few people who will not use eqsl cards. I can only assume that this is because at the moment many awards do not recognise them.

My QSL card. This is a picture of our local castle. Personal uploads are available after a small donation. But there are loads of designs available to try to begin with.


merry christmas from G0UFV

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