Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lots of lovely bits i (need)

This is a stand that I have my eye on.

Available from sotabeams At the moment it is on offer at £11.00.

They also produce stands for other radios that desperately need them. Elecraft KX3 etc

These last two posts do sound like adverts don't they. But I'm nothing to do with sotabeams. I just like their stuff.

I am also looking at a kit for an audio filter. The NEScaf switched capacitive filter available from the in the USA. This is priced at $42.00 including an accesories kit and postage.

This seems like a good deal when you think that the filter made for the FT817 is hovering aroud the £100 mark. And it is interchangable between rigs.. 


  1. I hope that all your Christmas wishes come true. 73 Richard G3CWI @ SOTAbeams

  2. Thanks, well their on my christmas list.. So all I can hope is that santa gets it....