Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What is the Reverse Beacon Network

Trawling through Twitter the other day and I came across someone moaning that he couldn't be heard by the Reverse Beacon Network when he was working QRP.

My first thought was..."What the hell is that"... so thanks to good old google I looked them up.

As far as I can make out The Reverse Beacon Network  is a network of receivng stations that decode CW transmisions as they arrive, report what stations they hear, when and how well. . Then the results of what was heard is posted online.

This seems like a great idea to me, as when I am out and about QRP I always wonder if anyone is actually hearing me. Until I have my first QSO that is.

Of course not just QRP stations like mine benefit. I think the main point of the network is to alert of propogation openings around the world.

When I checked while writing this Blogg there were 102 receiving stations online.

Feel free to comment on this post as I have only just found out about this, and thought I would Blogg it to get the word out to people like me who have recently got back in to radio after a long break..

I havn't tryed it out yet, but next time out I will take a look.

So many new modes, so much new radio stuff to learn about.

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