Friday, 22 November 2013


Hello and welcome to my blogg.

To start let me introduce myself. My name is Paul and I am a licenced radio amateur. I was licenced in 1993 with the call G7OSI followed shortly after by my currant call of G0UFV.

After a long absence from the radio hobby I returned about two years ago when I purchased a Yaesu  FT817.
This was a revelation as I had been away for so long things had moved on at a great pace. Apart from this little radio doing everything that I needed in one box there were all these new modes to think about.. Digital modes, loads of great computer programmes available Apps for the tables, the list was seemingly endless.

After a little time getting to know the radio I started to play with Satellites, cw and sota activations, although the latter is very dependant on being able to drive to the summit and work from close to the car.

I have started this blogg to document my activities in the radio world and to pass on information about my equipment, new products etc etc.

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