Sunday, 24 November 2013

Speeding up the cw.

Just lately I have been trying to speed up my cw speed. It has been quite a while since I passed my cw exam (20 years) So the first thing that I noticed was the mountain of morse training Apps, web sites and programmes that are now available to help..

My speed is hovering around 12-14 wpm but even at this speed I still need lots of practice.

I recently joined FISTS. This is a UK based club that have loads of resources and events to keep you happy all year long. There is a membership charge, but is is so low for the year that it is just there to cover admin etc.
I also joined SKCC  This is a free club based in the USA also with loads of good stuff. Just send them a request via their web site and they will send you a membership number valid for life.

Training programmes that I am using at the moment include LCWO  and a Koch method App for my tablet.

If you live in and around North Cornwall give me a shout via twitter or here and perhaps we can arrange a sked. @G0UFV.
I mainly use 2m, 70cm and 40m


I spent a little time adjustimg my vertical antenna for best SWR this morning as I had messed about with it a few weeks ago to work SSB.

This evening (Sun 24th Nov) I am hoping to take part in the FISTS ladder. This is an event that takes place twice a month for fists members, although anyone is welcome to join in.

Maybe see you there..

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