Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Become a Radio Amateur. (Space)

Become a radio Amateur. (Space)

If you think radio is a thing of the past. Think again. More than ever Radio Amateurs are helping in space exploration and all manner of scientific research.

Just recently several cubesats were launched in to space and with the help of Amateurs around the world their telemetry was beamed back to earth, decoded and passed on to the various mission control centres around the globe via the internet.

When the satellites are fitted with transponders then two way contact is possible as it passes overhead.
There are several satellites available for communication at the moment. One is a so called "easy sat" This transmitts on FM and is the one many start with.
Then there are the SSB/CW sats these are a bit more of a challenge, but very rewarding to work through when you do..

 The ISS (International space station) is contactable several times a year via radio, usually a school is selected to contact the astronauts and ask questions as it passes over head. But on occasion normal radio amateurs manage to talk to the ISS direct.

This is just one facet of this amazing hobby.

I could list off all the interesting stuff that you could join in with in this Blogg but I think it would probably be better if you visited the RSGB site. And check out all the information available there.

For all things space check out AMSAT UK

Google search for your local club, go along and see what it is all about. They won't bite. (Honest)

  Amsat on the BBC.

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