Friday, 22 November 2013


Well christmas is coming and top of my list to santa is the Bandhopper 2 linked dipole from sotabeams

At a glance Bands 20, 40 (other bands possible) Power rating 125 Watts ATU needed? No. Connects direct to your radio SSB, CW, data? Yes. Fine for all modes
(Ripped from the sotabeams site)

If this appears in my stocking then I will post a review after its first outing.

Of course I could make one much cheaper myself but  I have RA so working with components or anything fiddly is a bit of a problem..  :-(  Its just as well this is available..

It is worth checking out the sotabeams website as they seem to be expanding their range everytime I look them up. They also seem to be doing a new FT817 mount that I have my eye on.

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