Sunday, 18 May 2014

What a good day,,..& Lids

What a good day today was.

A last minute decision to try a bit of portable work resulted me spending a nice afternoon in the baking sun on a disused aerodrome with only sheep and ponies for company.
I started off on 20m with only limited success with just a single contact into Poland. Still very happy with that though, with just 5 watts.
Then its over to 40m for a little UK working. Bonus..there seems to be a WAB contest on.
Now I don't really like contests for the simple reason that all the QSO's are lightening fast with very little interaction with the receiving station.
But today was different. I decided to just go with the flow and make as many contacts as possible. My trump card being that no matter how weak and feeble my 5w was with the receiving station they just had to persevere, not knowing what rare and unobtainable square I could be in.
As it was I think that I was maybe in quite a good square judging by the reactions that I got on completion of the overs. So no guilt there then...

Think I will have to investigate this WAB thingy..More cash to part with & something else to take up my time.. Ha Ho.....

A good day brought to a sudden halt when my sotapole decided to drop at lightening speed breaking the insulator on my linked dipole. Think the constant variations in wind direction and speed loosened the joint.

oopps...Think a trip to B&Q tomorrow for some Unibond Plastic Repair..

Now that summer is here I think more portable working is needed. Maybe a bash at activating some easy sota summits.

The morse practice is slow but sure with me joining a shiny new club @LIDS_CW "The less involved data society" All I need to do now now is make some cw contacts. LIDS

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