Friday, 29 November 2013

Our Local Chapel collapsed

Not a radio post in any way shape or form (sorry)

At about 12:20am on Thursday morning a chapel in my local town collapsed. It had been closed for some time  and was up for sale.

I have posted a few pictures that I took on a visit on Thursday morning when the dust had settled and the emergency services had gone home.

Nobody was hurt in the collapse as the building was boarded up. The fire brigade searched the site with a dog in case of rough sleepers etc, but nothing was found.

 Side view from the road.

Front view from the lower steps.

side view from the upper steps.

Ok I lied about no radio.

On the radio front I will be out and about /P this evening cw 40m.. Just to test the swr on the vertical before saturday night when I will be operating full on, until the wee hours...see you on the bands..

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